About Us

AK Brown has been providing superior, quality HVAC services since 1983

Since 1983 AK Brown Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd has provided quality refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, fabrication and plumbing services to commercial customers in the Calgary area. Our work ethic and skilled team has earned us a reputation for quality, value and integrity. We pride ourselves in our relationships with our customers, many have been dealing with us for over 30 years.

A K Brown is a company comprised of 55 employees that is continuously making capital investments to streamline and improve the delivery of building services to our customers. For 35 years, we have continuously increased our market share in the Calgary region. Our systems, such as our 10ft CNC plasma table increase our productivity by 78% and reduces metal waste at the same time.

The environment has always been important in all our activities. We reduce our industrial waste by educating employees on both, waste and energy management. We have a dedicated 3000 sq. ft. recycling facility at our Bonnybrook shop location which is unrivaled in our industry. All our construction and office paper, cardboard, wood, metal, refrigerant and oil is recycled directly to their specific processing facilities. Further to our recycling efforts our building automation and building retro fits have reduced carbon emissions by over 2 million tons a yearly and that total is growing.