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What keeps you up at night? System breakdowns? Energy consumption? Shrinking budgets?

Maintenance is the core of our business we will reduce your stress.


We recommend implementing a preventive mechanical maintenance program. Regular maintenance will reduce energy costs and enhancing building comfort. It is a low-cost improvement for any building. Regular preventive maintenance extends the life of mechanical equipment and prevents untimely breakdowns.

At AK Brown we focus primarily on commercial and industrial facilities. Our prosperous company has grown steadily for more than 30 years and is professionally managed.  Among our 50 staff are specialists who possess decades of expertise in their chosen fields.  We are solidly capitalized. Owning outright, our facility, all of our equipment including over 40 service vehicles, and tools such as scissor lifts, and a tilt-deck/crane truck.  To operate in the leanest manner possible, we operate a CNC plasma cutter enabling us to dramatically lower costs and increase speed while adapting to customer schedules and simultaneously tailoring to specific requirements.  The CNC plasma cutter also allows expedient production of standard or custom decorative grilles and hail guards.  We are flexible and adjust readily to many unique situations.  We work tirelessly with customers to find creative, cost-reducing solutions. In addition we have an Automation & Controls department;  allowing harmonization, scheduling and diagnosis of building HVAC equipment which helps to reduce energy consumption as well as everyday wear and tear.

We believe the internal coordination of our various in-house trades presents excellent value by reducing a customer’s need to deal with and coordinate between multiple single-trade companies.  We are a one-stop multiple trade shop backing all our work and eliminating the risk of an accountability or coordination issue as can sometimes be the situation with multiple single-trade shops.   We offer lean operating processes and a highly coordinated team due to the familiarity and frequency of working with each other.  Our staff are the driving force of our company; they are driven by integrity, vision and a passion for an industry supporting healthy, productive and energy-efficient environments for the people who work or dwell in the facilities we touch.

If you need to upgrade or replace an existing system we can design, fabricate, and install equipment to minimize disruption, downtime, and expense. When it comes to HVAC replacement, no contractor in Alberta replaces more units than AK Brown. With hundreds of buildings and thousands of pieces of equipment under contract, experience and knowledge dating from 1983, we will not let you down.