Geothermal Heating

The earth is like a gigantic solar battery.  It gathers and stores, at relatively constant temperatures, the sun’s energy all year long.  A.K. Brown can help you take advantage of this steady supply of free—renewable—energy and harness it for your commercial heating needs through a geothermal system.

These systems contain a loop field of special HDPE pipe buried within the ground that collects the energy and delivers it to the building’s heating system for distribution.  During warmer months, this process is automatically reversed for free air conditioning, whereby heat is extracted from the building and transferred to the earth.

In addition, a geothermal heating system:

  • Is up to 70% efficient
  • Enables buildings to be more self-sufficient and less reliant on the grid
  • Has higher upfront costs, eventually offset by long-term energy savings
  • Contains a heat pump operated by electricity
  • May be a worthwhile investment for people interested in creating green buildings