Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

If your facility is currently occupied, ensuring excellent indoor air quality (IAQ) is a must!

At A.K. Brown, we have the tools to monitor your IAQ and check for unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous dioxide, combustible gases, sewer gases and other indoor air pollutants.

We accomplish this by either:

  • A Datalogger – used by an experienced A.K. Brown technician to monitor IAQ over a fixed period of time.  The datalogger provides readings analyzed by the technician.
  • KMC Controls – permanently installed by an A.K. Brown technician, allowing you to observe IAQ over time.  At any time, day or night, you’re immediately notified when air quality has been compromised.  (KMC controls can also automate your entire building for improved efficiency and comfort.)

Either way, if a problem is detected, we find and fix it straight away.  We adjust your equipment so it’s operating properly and, most importantly, safely.

You can depend on A.K. Brown for peace of mind!