Building Automation

Tenants complaining about uncomfortable indoor temperatures?  Tired of lights staying on when they shouldn’t be?  Wish you could monitor indoor air quality—permanently?

A.K. Brown specializes in design/build and retrofits of buildings and equipment. We’re partnered with KMC Controls (an innovative company focusing on pneumatic, analog electronic and digital building automation controls) to offer customers a full range of intelligent automation choices that make buildings SMART.  We can help you:

  • Ensure your heating system is operating at perfect sequence
  • Keep your building climate within a specified range
  • Manage lighting based on an occupancy schedule
  • Monitor indoor air quality over the long term
  • Plus so much more

As you enjoy increased comfort, energy savings and peace of mind, you also benefit from reduced system failure and maintenance costs.  And with control costs decreasing and energy costs rising, you most likely recover your project within two years!

From a single unitary controller on a furnace to complete building management systems on multistory office buildings… the possibilities for integrated equipment control are unlimited with A.K. Brown!