Air Conditioning

A.K. Brown is Calgary’s largest air conditioning contractor.  As trained warranty providers, we install and service ALL equipment brands.  Our reliable journeymen receive multiple awards from Alberta Apprenticeship and Merit Contractors, recognizing them for outstanding achievement.

Staying on the edge of leading technology is our mission.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose a high performing unit—one that promises ongoing reliability, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

We also can maintain your air conditioning system, so it achieves the best results.  Our staff is trained on older technologies around for the long term.  Many contractors consider the venerable Lennox DMS4 impossible to repair, for example.   Not only can we repair it, we can retrofit it to save more energy than ever!

Whether retrofitting a 40 year old chiller or installing a brand new unit, we take care of all your air conditioning needs.